New Hampshire Pharmacy Error May Have Caused Patient to Suffer Unnecessary and Preventable Kidney Stones

Pharmacists are medical professionals who, like doctors and nurses, owe patients a duty to provide an acceptable level of medical care. While medical professionals are not expected to be error-proof in their judgment, it is expected that they do not make careless mistakes, which can have a significant impact on a patient’s life. When a pharmacist incorrectly fills a prescription, and a patient is harmed as a result, the injured patient may be able to pursue a New Hampshire medical malpractice case against the pharmacist, as well as the pharmacy that employs them.

Recently, a New Hampshire man filed a claim against a hospital pharmacy that he claims was responsible for his ongoing kidney stones. According to a local news report, the man had a procedure to remove kidney stones at Concord Hospital Center. After the hospital discharged the patient, he was issued a prescription for “Potassium Citrate ER 10 MEQ (1080mg) CR-TABS” with instructions to take two of the pills per day.

The hospital printed out the prescription, and the patient took it to a satellite location. Despite being provided with the correct prescription, the pharmacist on duty filled the patient’s prescription with “Potassium CL 10 MEQ 120.” It is disputed as to how the prescription was transferred, but the patient claims the hospital pharmacy called in the prescription to a local Rite-Aid. The hospital pharmacy admits that it incorrectly filled the prescription, but denies that it transferred the prescription to the Rite-Aid pharmacy. Regardless, the prescription ended up at a Rite-Aid, which filled the prescription seven times.

In total, the man took the incorrect medication for ten months. During this time, he continued to develop kidney stones and have related issues. However, in June of 2017, the hospital pharmacy called the patient and told him to stop taking the medication immediately. The patient soon after began taking the correct medication, and has not developed any new kidney stones since then.

The man filed a claim against the hospital pharmacy, alleging that its error caused him from receiving the benefit of the intended medication, which, in turn, caused him to develop additional kidney stones over the ten months he took the wrong medication. The hospital pharmacy agrees that it made an error, but denies that it caused the patient any additional injuries. The pharmacy also claims that the man was partially at fault for failing to notice the mistake and mitigate any damages. The case is still pending, and no result is expected in the immediate future.

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