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There seems to be a scooter-fever going around. Over the past few years, electric scooter shares have been popping up across the country. Electric scooters are battery-powered, and can travel up to 20 miles per hour when fully charged. A scooter share is a concept in which the hosting company places several docks across a city and fills them with scooters. For a small fee, the company allows users to rent a scooter at one dock and return it at any other dock. Some companies allow users to leave the scooter anywhere, and rely on paid “chargers” to find the scooters, charge them at home, and then return them to a dock. While scooter shares have been very popular with commuters as an alternative to driving or taking public transportation, many are concerned about the increase in New Hampshire scooter accidents.

Currently, there are no scooter shares in New Hampshire, although that is likely to change as their popularity continues to grow. One of the main concerns many have with scooter shares is the overall dearth of experience most users have with scooters. While scooters may seem harmless enough, they present a serious risk, not just to those riding them but also to other motorists. As it currently stands, scooter-share companies do not require that users have any riding experience before they can rent a scooter. Thus, users who have never been on a scooter and have no idea how they are operated can take the electric vehicles out with no supervision.

Another issue with e-scooters is the lack of regulation surrounding their use. For example, many cities have no regulation when it comes to where scooters should ride or the maximum speed limit. There is also often no regulation on where users can leave the scooters. This creates confusion among users, which increases the chance of a serious accident. According to a news report, the City of Portsmouth recently decided to get out in front of this issue by passing a city ordinance governing the use of electric scooters.

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