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After many months of lockdown, people are eager to take full advantage of the summer months and New Hampshire’s abundant coastline. Many people are taking to the water to enjoy boating and other recreational water activities. While the state welcomes these activities, it is important that individuals understand the inherent dangers of boating in New Hampshire. Boating carries an inherent risk, and those who take to the water must be aware of boating regulations and how to prevent an accident.

After a boating accident, law enforcement or marine authorities will usually respond to the scene to render aid and determine who is at fault for the accident. However, injury victims often experience a delay in treatment because of the challenges reaching the scene. Further, in many cases, passengers and operators are thrown out of their vessels, causing additional difficulties. As such, boating accidents tend to result in more serious injuries to everyone involved. New Hampshire boating injuries can cause victims to experience property damage, lost time at work, and a difficult road to physical and psychological recovery. In some cases, boating accidents result in lifelong disabilities and death.

For instance, the U.S. Coast Guard recently released its most recent Recreational Boating Statistical Report. The startling report indicated 767 boating fatalities in 2020, which is over a 25% increase from the previous year. As other recreational activities were on the decline during the pandemic, boat sale records, insurance policies, insurance claims, and boat emergency reports all indicate an increase in boating during this period. The increased exposure to boating likely contributed to more vessels on the water and a higher number of inexperienced boaters on the water.

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